Really ?! He got his new girlfriend pregnant 🙄.. Top 10 Single Mum survival tips !




By Guest Writer Hannah Baer

It’s all over social media. Turns out the deadbeat has another baby on the way, and his new girlfriend can’t stop posting about her exciting news.

So we decided to write down our top 10 tips to get you through this unfortunate news.

1. It’s acceptable to cry … scream .. rant .. get angry for a few days but do it in private !!

2. Just know 9 times out of 10 .. what you went through is probably what she will go through .. karmas a bitch 😜🤣

3. Social media is FAKE !!

4. It’s ok to secretly want to kill them both!… or have any crazy ideas about revenge but don’t tell anyone .. write them down … look back at them in a week and I’m sure you will laugh at how ridiculous they were.

5. Do something you love to do ! Treat yourself 😊

6. Organise a girls night! (Because you can still drink wine! 😜)

7. Spend time with your little human.. it’s a great distraction. Plus it’s hard to dwell  on your ex’s news when your chasing your little monster round the park or helping teddy drink tea at a very important tea party.

8. Do your research! Look up how this will change your child support and what processes you need to follow. Always be prepared and know your rights!

9. Be your own role model. Stay strong! Handle it gracefully and be someone you would be proud of. Plus it’s really annoying for all those people who were expecting you to go crazy and wanted to gossip.

10. You are only human so send your ex a congrats on the new baby card with a bunch of condoms in… he doesn’t make the same mistake again 😊…. JOKE ! Don’t do that!! But if it’s ok to congratulate him even if you don’t mean it.. shows the rest of the world you’re not bitter.

But remember no matter how you feel now.. you will get through it.. this is only temporary 😊



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