Khloe needs Love! Not hate! Khloe Kardashian Scandal- cheating during pregnancy


There’s nothing worse than your man busting his nut in another bitch as you are about to break your vagina bringing his child into the world. (Apart from maybe him cheating on you in a bathroom stall at your own wedding)

It’s the sheer disrespect of it, I think that makes it so awful. There you are- resembling some sort of braying cow, eating your weight in McNuggets, in the name of bringing the precious combination of yours and his DNA into the world and he’s off playing tonsil tennis with hussy the home wrecker. Devastating isn’t the word.

There you are, tied to a biological post. You can’t retaliate or dress up and drink it up with the girls. You just have to sit in your hormonal stew and carry on.

It’s no surprise seeing Tristan Thompson’s track record that the inevitable news of his infidelity was brought to light by some grainy camera footage. Many a celebrity has been foiled this way. It doesn’t take a psychic to predict that this man would jump from one gorgeous woman to another, making a few babies as he went along.He will probably do it again. Now Khloe is in the cheating hot seat. Once an avid poster of loved up Insta photos she is now a woman scorned. How is she taking it? Aside from endless “I told you sos'” from a legion of internet trolls I suspect the news was pretty damn hurtful. It doesn’t matter that he did it before, yes maybe she should have known better- but haven’t we all been in that situation? Where we are in love? Where we want to believe that it won’t happen to us? Maybe he fooled her into thinking he had changed. Unfortunately his NBA grade penis is still his number one priority.

All the cash is Khloe’s bank account couldn’t alleviate this pain, and being in the media spotlight will mean she has to suffer this under the constant scrutiny of the Kardashian fans.

First and foremost she’s a woman, and it’s happened to a lot of us. Endless nights hugging your pregnancy pillow because your husband is out somewhere and his phone is off. He’s absent from a few scans and you don’t think to ask him why. He seems complacent as you adorn the nursery with baby stuff. Its a lonely horrible time and I wish Khloe all the love and support of her family and friends. Whether she decides to forgive him or not, she may just be the woman that puts single mums on the map.


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