Guest Post: It’s OK to be scared about dating again!

By Hannah Katherine Baer

Don’t eat like this on a date.

The majority of us do NOT chose to be single mums. Most of us were fed a lie, or have dealt with abusive men or it simply didn’t work out. So obviously going back out there is scary!

So here are 5 things to get you back out there.

1. Not all guys are the same!

I know it’s easy to think that every guy is a copy of your ex. But they aren’t, promise.
2. Whatever he says you can probably deal with …I mean for the past 3 hours you have been called a big smelly poop and apparently you ruined your child’s life by making them eat their vegetables …that’s pretty hard to recover from right 😜

3. You have a kid. This means you don’t have time for one night stands or guys that only want one thing. Now some guys will slip through the cracks but you have the skills and adaptability to see through most cons and lies. As! ..You’re a single mom.
4. You deserve to go out and have some fun and get some attention! Don’t let people make you feel otherwise ! They would do the same in your position
5. You are a single mum!! You can do anything you put your mind too! Plus you do the job of 2 people ..if this was a job interview you would be bound to get the job right!


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