Ivana Trump “Whose going to date and marry a woman with five kids?”


Guest post by Hannah Katherine Baer:

Firstly, I must admit ‘The View’ is one of my guilty pleasures, and I watch it pretty much every day whilst my daughter has her afternoon nap.

I find it interesting to watch a group of women from politically different backgrounds and who have strong opinions come together and talk about serious topics such as politics and fun topics such as dating. I am a strong believer in seeing both sides of an argument and I love comedy and some gossip, so yes… I may be a bit of a fan girl 😳

Two days ago, the hosts were talking about Ivana Trumps comment on her sons  divorce. The quote is in the title of my article.

‘Who’s going to marry a woman with five kids?’

I could not believe what I was hearing! I think I was in good company, as the hosts of the view also seemed shocked by the comments. Especially as Ivana herself was a single mother of three at one point in her life.

Those lips were made for talkin’

It’s so sad to see that society still has such a negative view of single mothers, and the worst part is that it came from a woman who was a single mother at one point and the grandmother of the children!!

I personally like to see the positives in every situation. It was wonderful to see all the women supporting Vanessa through this humiliating ordeal. I would love to see more women supporting women on television than woman trying to bring each other down.

I strongly believe that we should never see children as baggage or put “being a mother” down.

I may be slightly bias… but being a mother is the hardest most rewarding job in the world! There are days when I’m exhausted and I consider locking myself in my room and hiding under the covers. But they are moments that I wish I could relive again and again, such a my daughter giving me her first proper hug.

My daughter isn’t baggage … (her father might be 😂) and even if she is … she’s the best “baggage I have ever had 😊”





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