In the event of a wet wipes ban use this handy hack!

Total cost 90p/bottle

So the UK has decided they are going to “phase out” wet wipes, because people are flushing them down toilets(whoever you are I will kill you). It’s sad that some people can’t read instructions and have indeed, ruined it for the rest of us.

I have tried to envision my life without wet wipes, and found myself more upset than when my last boyfriend broke up with me. I mean I use them to clean most surfaces, remove my make-up, and of course wipe my children’s bottoms. In fact, I do feel that Theresa May should be made to wipe the bottoms of 500 babies with toilet paper as punishment. Then she might understand the concerns of parents.

What are the alternatives? Well I’ve done a bit of research. The prognosis is not good. There are several recipes for “homemade” wet wipes, that involve kitchen roll and fairy liquid. Sounds …. disintegrate-y. Not to mention carrying around a tub of homemade wipes in one’s handbag isn’t exactly chic.

Regarding “re-usable” wipes I just imagine going on a coffee date with a hot guy. “Excuse me while I fold up these pooey wipes and pop them into my bag.” Just no.

I’ve come up with something that could be regarded as cleaner, transportable and sweet smelling in the event of a baby-wipe van. Oh and it’s eco-friendly, cheap and vegan.

You will need

1 reusable spray bottle
2 tbsps melted coconut oil (swap for grape seed if your baby is allergic)
2 tbsps lemon juice
2-3 cups cooled boiled water
Dried lavender

Mix all the ingredients into the bottle and shake vigorously. Keep in the fridge. Virgin coconut oil will solidify but it will melt when out of the fridge. Alternatively you can use a coconut oil blend that won’t harden in the fridge.

Spray on baby’s ass and wipe with toilet paper/disposable cloth. Can be transported in a bag. Smells glorious. Needs replacing every 3 days. Ensures that the ass is clean, moisturised and smelling fabulous.


2 thoughts on “In the event of a wet wipes ban use this handy hack!

  1. I hardly used disposable wipes at all with my last baby, I got a set of cheeky wipes and use them for everything from cleaning bums to faces to removing make up etc. He’s 4.5 now and my set is still going strong. Didn’t like the micro fibre ones at all.
    So handy just pop into a netbag and into your washing machine along with another wash.

    1. They sound great! This spray is mainly for going out places as I don’t like the idea of carrying used wipes in my bag (germs and smell) but I will check them out! X

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