Which Drug Represents Your Child?


Don’t ask me how I came up with this one. Just go with it.

Alcohol: Spends all day screaming, kissing everyone and knocking things over. Will fight anyone who dare to touch his/her toys. Ends the day by collapsing in a pile of chips.

Marijuana: Kind of docile. Will walk around with five crayons up his/her nose and not even notice. Will happily vegetate in front of the TV with a family bag of crisps. Sometimes comes out with deep quotes about life.

LSD: Plays in the garden all day with an imaginary friend. Is so convincing that you start to believe the imaginary friend is actually your Great Aunt and order yourself a ouija board from Amazon.

Cocaine: Never stops running and talking. Even talks between mouthfuls of food. Sprays bread everywhere when he/talks and runs up to random strangers to tell them about his/her day.

Magic Mushrooms: Makes artwork from bogeys.

Ecstasy: You find them dancing with the cat whilst listening to smooth radio at 6am. Has to sleep with 10000000000 Teddies.

Steroids: Gets the roid rage when things don’t go their way. Rips off door handles and screams at old ladies. Can bicep curl with cereal boxes.





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