“Broko + Eve” My homemade version of Coco+Eve’s bestselling hair mask

“Broko + Eve” the broke girl’s guide to making the worlds number one hair masque at home

Keep this gammy homemade shit in the fridge 

I don’t know about you, but Coco + Eve caught my eye. I’ve been in hot war with my easily damaged, thin hair since the beginning of time, so anything promising to make my barnet mermaid-worthy gets me salivating like a cat on fish Friday.

I was sold by the ultra annoying promo vids, featuring bitches with bouncy, beautiful hair (and a jarring background of toxic modern day music that makes me want to punch grandmas).

Then I clicked my way through to the checkout. £34.50 for some coconut oil and a tangle brush? Ok, so the pot was pretty. I had a hard time saying no. It even comes in a sexy little box. My name is Eve so I also like the brand name……

However, my card hits decline Street more often than I’d like. I’d never forgive myself for foregoing three weeks worth of electricity to put some overpriced Goop on my head. So I decided to make it myself, after perusing the ingredients list.

You will need: 2 figs
1 teaspoon castor oil
1 tablespoon linseed oil
1/2 cup virgin coconut oil
1 teaspoon Argan oil
1/4 cup shea butter
Some linseeds
A blender

Apart from the Argan oil I already had most of these in my cupboard and can pick them up at my local Asian store.


Method: Blend like a motherfucker

Ok, so I’m not a mermaid yet, but my hair looks beautiful and bouncy (will upload soon) and I didn’t break my bank. In fact the total cost of this homemade blend is £5.49. I’m keeping it in a pot in a fridge and the best part is I have all the ingredients to make more!!!!





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