Day 1: Powerful Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery For Beginners.

Day 1: Your Why, Motivation and Setting Goals for the Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery For Beginners.  

Welcome to day 1 of the Single Mum Survival “Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery” course! 

Over the next 30 days, I will help you harness the powerful platform of Pinterest and help you create a side hustle for extra cash or a full-blown online income through Pinterest affiliate marketing Mastery. 

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course Day One
Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course Day One

But before we learn the step-by-step skills, it is crucial for you to know what you want out of this course and why. Learning a new skill can be frustrating, so cementing your purpose and goals will help you through the tough days. In fact, without goals and your “why”, there is a high chance you won’t finish this course. 

I want you to finish and flourish, so I have spent hundreds of hours creating this course and giving it away for free. As a single parent, I struggled for so long to find something that worked for me, and I want all parents to not feel financially stressed and broken when there are options for them. Making this course free means that all that you truly need is you and the drive to succeed. 

So let’s get your goals and why SET IN CONCRETE. 

Remember that this is a 30-day course, but as a parent, I understand that life happens, so although it is a 30-day course, taking a break for a few days or doing it over 60 days instead of a month is totally up to you. Whatever works and doesn’t put you under any pressure. 

Right. Enough fluff. Let’s get cracking. 

Table Of Contents
  1. Day 1: Your Why, Motivation and Setting Goals for the Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery For Beginners.  

By the end of this week, you will: 

ONE : Understand Pinterest as a Marketing Platform

By day seven, you will have a good understanding of Pinterest as a marketing platform. You will also understand why it’s the ideal place to learn and apply affiliate marketing. Learning about the visual nature of Pinterest, the search engine model and its capabilities will help you understand why the diverse audience is a goldmine to find people ready to buy that want to hear your opinion on items and how to entice them to purchase through your link. You will set aside that awful feeling that you have to be a cheesy salesman because you don’t. They are already looking for what you are pinning; you are just showing them what’s available, and by doing the marketing for the company, you get a small reward. It all adds up. 

TWO : Create a Pinterest Business Account 

I will teach you how to create a Pinterest business account, and you will learn how to optimise your account and profile to maximise your success. From setting up a professional profile picture to writing an engaging bio and all the information, you need a complete and powerful Pinterest link that people will trust. 

THREE : Select Your Niche.

I love this part, but it is easy to get bogged down and overthink your niche. However, by the end of this week, you will have a niche that you will start with that can easily be expanded later on. I won’t take you down the rabbit hole today, but get excited. It does not matter who you are. This is where you get to shine and make your hobbies or interests your income. Who doesn’t love talking about what they love and getting paid!! 

FOUR : Create Your First Pinterest Board.

You will learn about what Pinterest boards are, how you create them, and how to make them relevant to your niche. Don’t panic if you don’t know what a board, Pin or ideas Pin is. You will learn all this step by step. Boards will help you organise your niche into sub-niches and keep your business account organised and easy to navigate. 

FIVE : Learn Pinning Strategys

By the end of the week, you will learn about a pinning strategy and how to apply it to make the Pinterest algorithm or search engine LOVE your content and trust it. You will learn about the different types of pins, how often you should post pins, and the importance of consistency with pinning. 

Day 1 Objectives of the Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

By the end of Day 1 of Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery, you will understand and know: 

  • What are your goals? (This can change, but just set a simple goal for today.) 
  • The unique characteristics of Pinterest make it perfect for affiliate marketing.
  • What your “Why” is and why it is the most important thing you will ever learn. 
  • Begin thinking about your niche or area in which you want to specialise for affiliate marketing.


Feel free to share your thoughts, questions, or goals for this course at the bottom of the blog. Talking to others and myself while completing this course is a valuable tool for yourself and others. A village can make the dream work, and you are not alone. NO QUESTION IS SILLY OR STUPID. Ever. 

Keep your goals in mind, stay engaged, and let’s get started on this exciting path! 

Get Your Supplies Ready – What You Will Need for Today

To make the first day or first steps easier, you will need the following supplies to be ready. 

Personal Information:

  • Get your full name and create an email address for your affiliate marketing and Pinterest account. This does not need to be your business name or niche name. For now, a new and fresh email is all that is required. 

Course Materials:

  • Print out the attached worksheet “What is my Why” or get the course workbook you ordered if you choose to do that. You can order it HERE.  

Notebook and Pen:

  • A physical or digital notebook or journal to jot down important information, key takeaways, personal notes, passwords and comments or questions during the course. ( don’t store your passwords on digital products.) 

Computer or Mobile Device:

  • A smartphone, laptop, tablet, or device with internet access is needed to set up your Pinterest business account and access course materials and discussions.

Profile Picture:

  • A professional and engaging profile picture that you can use to personalise your Pinterest business account. This can be a simple headshot for now. Later in the course, you will learn how to make a logo or avatar for your business account if this is what you prefer. For the first week, we are setting up and keeping it simple. 

Niche Ideas:

  • Start to think about what you might like as a niche. Write down some quick ideas (don’t go overboard. This is just to get the thoughts going ). For Example, keep it broad, such as pets, dogs, cars, baking, kids, babies, cats, computer parts, home decor, etc. These broad ideas will help you narrow it down later in the course. 

Bio Information:

  • Create a brief bio or description of yourself, including any relevant information they want to include on their Pinterest profile. Just do dot points like, I am a mum of four, 45 years old, or a dad of two. Pets you have. Your qualifications. Very brief and dot point. 

Course Platform Access:

  • Bookmark this page on your computer or phone so you can follow the blogs step by step daily, or make a folder in your emails to save the daily emails. If you use the login course, write down your login details or store them safely. If you use the book and workbook, find a place appropriate for them. 

Being organised and prepared makes you more likely to complete the course and stay engaged. The above steps will help you streamline the initial steps of the course and ensure a smooth and fun journey in your Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Course Journey.

The Power of Your “Why” in Achieving Success During the Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course.

I want to start by sharing a profound reality to guide you throughout this “Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery” journey. As much as you want online income and the freedom of a passive growing online income. You are going to want to give up. You are going to want to quit. You are going to get frustrated, and you are going to wonder what the hell you were thinking on more than one day. Learning any new skill is challenging, but for busy parents who are often mentally tired, there is a whole new level of mental exhaustion that you will have to fight through some days. 

This is normal, but it will try to defeat you day after day. 

You need to find a weapon to defeat the constant voice in the back of your head that is telling you, “It’s too hard”, “You will never get this”, and “Just forget it and go to bed.” 

This weapon is your “Why.” 

There are whole books written about having a WHY and what it can do to change your life to drive forward, but we are busy parents and don’t have time for that. So let me make it simple – this is the want, need, craving and desire to do more and what you want it for.

 Your “Why” is the most concentrated force that can drive you to greatness. It’s the North Star that will guide you through the darkest nights and the driving force that will push you to conquer any challenge. Your “Why” is your secret weapon to staying determined, inspired, and persistent in mastering Pinterest affiliate marketing.

The Significance of Your “Why”

Think of your “Why” as the foundation for your dreams and aspirations. It’s the unshakable core that supports you, especially when the journey gets tough. Now, let’s delve into why your “Why” is so crucial:

Your Why Will Keep You Motivated: 

 Your “Why” is your motivation. The fire and inspiration will keep your passion for learning, growing, and succeeding hot and at the forefront of your mind. When you genuinely connect to and understand your “Why”, even the most challenging tasks will not derail you from your goal. 

You Why Will Make Your Resilient:  

Challenges are inevitable on any journey. Your “Why” is your anchor when the road ahead gets bumpy. It reminds you why you started, why it’s worth it, and why you must keep moving forward. When you are tired or tempted to watch TV rather than work on your potential new income, you “Why” is the kick up the ass you will give yourself to get up and “Do the thing” that needs to be done. 

  1. Focus: In a world filled with distractions, your “Why” keeps you focused on what honestly matters. It helps you prioritise your goals and stay committed to your path. Your “Why” will keep you focussed on the end of the journey and not the initial short-term sacrifices required. 
  1. Overcoming Obstacles: Life isn’t a straight line to success. You’ll encounter obstacles, setbacks, and moments of doubt. Your “Why” is the force that pushes you to overcome these barriers and continue forging ahead. Your “Why” will let you see challenges as a hill to climb rather than a brick wall, and it will inspire you to take the time to learn new skills rather than write off a new experience as too complicated. 

Narrowing Down Your “Why”

Your “Why” isn’t “because I want to be rich” or “I hate my job”. This is what you WANT or DON’T want. This is not your “Why.” 

For Example, my “Why” is that I am a 100% solo parent and find working nine to five simply isn’t enough money, so I took on a second part-time job. This meant I wasn’t there for my kids when I needed them, and my four boys and I were sad, tired and not connecting. We didn’t spend time together, and I was doing housework or working. 

That is not my “Why.” 

My “Why” is not attending every school assembly and seeing my son’s faces when I am there and can cheer them on getting their awards or doing their performance. 

It is having the time to read with them and enjoy time with them, go for a walk, teach them how to bake and have the energy and patience to tuck them into bed the minimum five times that young children require. Rather than losing my temper because I am exhausted and still have work to do once they are asleep. 

My “Why” is being a better mum, connecting with my kids and being able to provide them with all the material things that they need without having to work 60 to 70 hours a week. 

My why is missing them when they are asleep rather than counting the minutes until I can put them to bed and get some peace to start my second job. 

Some say it isn’t enough if your WHY doesn’t make you CRY. So when we do this step, I really want you to dig deep and get to the real reason you want this.

Your “Why” is like a compass, guiding you to the specific goals and dreams that genuinely matter to you. Here’s how to uncover and refine it:

  1. Reflect on Your Deepest Desires: 

  Reflect on what you truly desire. What are your true dream outcomes and aspirations? Visualise your ideal future, and let your imagination run wild. Think about the lifestyle, the freedom, the impact, and the happiness you seek. Start to imagine you are there. In that house, with that big comfortable bed. Your kids all have a vast room they can be comfortable in and have some peace. You can pay the bills without checking the bank balance because there is always more than enough money. Place yourself in that home. Smell the freshness. Hear the kids laughing. Imagine sitting at the huge kitchen table in front of those big bay windows overlooking your green, spacious backyard and planning your next big holiday. Imagine the wonder and excitement in the kid’s eyes and KNOW that you are there at that moment. Really place yourself there like you already have it. 

What Do You Desire from Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course? 

Your Why should make you feel emotional and excited. 

  1. Explore Your Values: Your values are the guiding principles that define you. Consider what values are most important to you and how they align with mastering Pinterest affiliate marketing. The more aligned your “Why” is with your values, the more powerful it becomes. This is why Affiliate marketing appeals to me so much. People are already going to buy the product; thats why they are on Pinterest searching for inspiration. You are just showing them the door to walk through and buy. And because you are the one who helped connect them to the product and the company, you get rewarded with a commission. You don’t have to be salesy, pushy or convincing. 

Well, you know it’s not relatively that easy. You need to put some work into your research and the content you produce. Still, Affiliate marketing is ethical if you provide correct details and honestly review or promote great products. 

  1. Think Beyond Yourself: Sometimes, your “Why” extends beyond personal ambitions. Consider how your success in affiliate marketing could positively affect your loved ones or contribute to a cause or passion close to your heart.

Imagine being able to send your parents on holiday or pay off their house so they can retire earlier. Or just being able to afford private schooling or that dream after-school sport you can’t afford now. For me, it is seeing my kids more. I was missing out on so much. I am now more present and able to spoil them with a private school and a decent house. I would like to be able to afford a holiday in the near future. 

  1. Create a Compelling Vision: Imagine a day in the future when you’ve successfully mastered Pinterest affiliate marketing. How does that day look and feel? Envision the outcomes you wish to achieve. Let this vision inspire and refine your “Why.” When you are struggling, just imagine you crossing that finishing line. Learning all these new lucrative skills and where you will be in 12 months when you stay committed and master things. Remember that what takes you an hour today will only take you five minutes in the future, and as your income grows, you can even outsource many boring or tedious tasks to virtual freelancers. 
  1. Distill It: Finally, distil your “Why” into a single, powerful statement or a few words. This is your mantra, your reminder of why you’ve embarked on this journey.

For example 

” I want to make heaps of money and take holidays, pay my debts, buy awesome christmas presents and not have to work three jobs.” 

“My life will be peaceful with core memories of important moments that my children will remember forever and tell their children about. I wll live a life of peace and abundance. ” 


“I will provide a safe, loving and fun childhood to my children full of joy and abundance.” 

Your “Why” is the cornerstone of your success, mastering Pinterest affiliate marketing and any endeavour you choose to pursue. 

Learning how to master Pinterest as an affiliate platform can be your goal, or you can use these skills to grow and continue to build wealth further. This can be over the years, so don’t feel overwhelmed. Many find that once they see how learning a few steps can lead to income, they want to keep extending their income to provide for their kids’ future and create generational wealth. Others are happy with the simplicity of peaceful days with bills paid and the simple pleasures of living without working a lot. 

Everyone’s why can be different. However, the deeper you dig into your pain and desire, the more likely you will be to succeed. And just because you define your why today does not mean you cannot change it and refine it constantly. As your life changes, so will your goals. So feel free to change your why as often as you like. 

Your “Why” is the flame that lights your path, the indestructible resolve that drives you relentlessly through challenges, and the source of unshakable determination.

So, as you start this course, remember that your “Why” is your secret sauce for sticking to the program. It’s your anchor in times of doubt, motivation on weary days, and guiding star toward success. Let it be the driving force behind your every action, and you’ll find yourself achieving more than you ever thought possible.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey with your “Why” as your guiding light. Your dreams are within reach, and the journey starts now.

Stay inspired, stay determined, and keep your “Why” close to your heart. The world is waiting for your success, and so are you.

To your incredible journey ahead,

Kitty K 

Founder of


ONE : Write down what inspired you to enrol in the Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course?

  • Begin by understanding the initial spark that led you here. Why did you choose this course? What do you want to achieve? ( keep this brief and to the point.) For Example, earn an extra 500 a fortnight, $1000 a week, etc. Pay off my car. Save for a mortgage. Pay for Christmas. 

TWO : Imagine a life where you’ve Successfully Mastered Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery. How does that life look and feel?

  • Think about what I discussed about placing yourself where you have success. Paint a vivid mental picture. Now, write that down and how it feels. 
  • For Example, I am sitting in my new car waiting for the kids to come out of school and see that we have a new car and will never have to travel without air conditioning again. 
  • I’m driving in the new house’s driveway, and the kids are in the backseat, squealing with excitement to have their own room. 

How does that feel? What does the house look like? How does it smell? What is the weather like that day? 

THREE : What are your long-term aspirations, and how does Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery fit into those goals?

  • Explore the bigger picture of their life ambitions. How do you want this to affect your kids’ adulthood? Do you want them to have bigger dreams for themselves because of it? Do you want to set up a trust for them? Pay for their college? Buy them their first car or house? Dream as big as you like. 

FOUR : Are there any specific financial goals or dreams you hope to achieve through Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

  • Delve into your financial aspirations and dreams. How much do you want to have in savings? How much do you think your dream car or house is going to cost? What do you want your net worth to be? 

FIVE : How would having more time and freedom impact your life and those around you?

  • This is a potential life-changing skill. How will it affect your day-to-day life? Can you do the things you dream of, such as go for nature walks more? Spend more time with your kids doing fun things? Just be there for them more? Look after your body and mind better? Get that dream pet? Learn to ride a horse? 

SIX : What lifestyle improvements do you envision if you successfully complete the Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course?

  • Dive into the lifestyle changes they desire. Do you miss having dinner with your friends? Do you even have time for friends? Will you be able to buy furniture so that you are no longer ashamed of your house ( this was a big one for me. My house was full of really old, obviously second-hand furniture – funnily enough, my lounge is still second-hand. I got kinda attached to the ugly brown thing 🙂 ) etc. 

SEVEN : Think about the challenges and setbacks you might face along the way. What will keep you motivated during challenging times?

  • What are your foreseeable potential obstacles, and how will your “Why” keep you going? What is that thing that will get you up off the couch and taking action? 

EIGHT : Who else in your life might benefit from your success in Pinterest affiliate marketing Mastery Income?

  • Consider the positive ripple effects on loved ones. Do you want to help others? What does that look like, and what is that? Looking after parents? Siblings? A charity? 

NINE : What passions, interests, or causes are close to your heart that Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery can support?

  • Explore the alignment of your values and interests with this skill. Could you use your skills to help a charity close to your heart? I love Ronald McDonald House, Kids Cancer Charities, and Heartkids. I can now make anonymous donations to those charities that helped my son so much when he was sick. This really drove me to know the impact my work was able to have on families in a similar situation to what I was years ago. (My children have never had cancer, but two children have heart conditions, and all these charities often just help kids in hospital have a safe and loved experience. ) 

TEN : Consider a day when you might feel tired or discouraged. What would remind you of your “Why” and inspire you to take action anyway?

  • Visualise their source of motivation during challenging moments. What is that? Is it a child/ A dream? Consider creating a vision board. 

ELEVEN : How does mastering this skill align with your personal growth and self-development journey?

  • Connect your learning journey to personal growth. Would finishing this skill and applying the skills you learned give you more confidence? Boost your self-esteem? How will you feel about yourself when you can finish this course and start earning money. Close your eyes and imagine that first four-figure check. Write down how that feels. 

TWELVE : What is one word or a short phrase that encapsulates your ultimate “Why” for taking this the Pinterest Affiliate Markeing Mastery course?

  • Write your first sentence on what you think your Why is in your notebook or in the PDF printout or workbook. 

You should really be feeling something at the moment. If you are not even a little emotional, excited, nervous, or feeling something, even if it is a little sadness knowing where you are and wanting this badly, you need to work on your why a little more. 

Come back and work on your WHY using these questions whenever you want. You will drive this road to get to your destination, so making sure it is on point is essential. Also, anytime you get demotivated, you should return and do this WHY program again. 

Thats Day 1 of the Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course for Beginners DONE!!

Congrats to you. 

See you on day two. 

You got this 🙂


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