Men Single Mums Should Avoid

The types of men you should ditch when you become a single mother(or just do what you want because it’s your life-no hate).
We’ve all been there. It’s the liberty of the childless to be able to frolic in the hay with any creed of man with little repercussions on anyone but yourself. (If you are childless enjoy it, bad boys make for good stories when you are in the old folks home). For the ladies who are plus one however, their choice of man has an effect on their child/children. Lets have a look at some of the garden variety jerks that you should be giving a wide berth.
1. The stoner/drug addict/alcoholic
This guy is super fun in University halls. He has cool, bohemian music on his laptop and an interesting circle of friends. He’s so very endearing when he’s telling you how hot you are whilst chewing his face off. He’s not so cute when he gets high and stares at your child for a full hour and says something like, ‘It’s so cool, babies are like…tiny people.’
abe, check out these new cushions….”
2. The player
With any type of luck this man won’t come near you anyway but say you find yourself in his fishnet? It won’t end well. He will use you for sex and then ditch, you will regret trying to haul him on a Toys R Us ‘date’ the previous weekend, where he looked sullenly at his phone the whole time and tried to fondle you next to the Barbie section.
3.The jobless wonder(Because every girl dreams about being proposed to at the job centre)
Do you need another child? If so this is your man. He’s well up to date with all the current Netflix series and has managed to be number one in the country at Call of Duty. Unfortunately, the league board on a PlayStation game doesn’t mean anything and you will find yourself bored out of your mind because he doesn’t want to go anywhere except the couch and the bed. Even your child is bored.
4. The pretentious travelling man
He has holes in his trousers but his parents own a mansion. He spent most of his summer in India ‘finding himself’ and now he’s found himself in your flat. You’ve seen so many pictures of the Full Moon Party you just can’t take it anymore. Strings of wildly beautiful, interesting women are all over his Facebook. Let him go and be free, where he belongs. Maybe he will open a crystal shop one day or maybe he will come back to you when he’s switched up his elephant print trousers for a suit.
5. The amazingly good in bed handsome bore
Not strictly off limits but don’t expect him to start Step-dadding anytime soon. He’s like catch and release fishing, put him back in the water for someone else to find him. All he talks about is the gym anyway.
6. Mummy’s boy
You had enough trouble with this type of guy before. His mother will see you as a man trapping slut who’s trying to drag her precious little solider into your illegitimate family. Proceed with caution, if at all.
7. Mr kinky
It’s all fun and games until your child runs through to the living room with a ballgag asking , ‘What’s this?!’ *disclaimer, nothing wrong with kink but if the guy makes his sexual preference his entire life you have trouble*