Why it’s f**king awesome to be single!

PhotoCredit: NatalieWood (@satanssvalet) check out her insta for nature shots 📸

OK, so we know the worst parts of singledom are not having sex, no cuddles, no companionship. However, being alone is a blessing on occasion.

1. Not having to deal with “husband crap”. When your kids go to bed the night is all yours baby. You can dance around the living room pretending to be on stage all you like.
2. No power struggle over the position of the toilet seat.
3. Twice the love. Nothing beats a sweet hug from your sleepy child.
4. The only irrational arguments you have are with your children. About why the aliens couldn’t possibly have known where our house was.
5. You learn to juggle multiple responsibilities alone, making you a female powerhouse. For instance, you can both shout and shop in the supermarket at the same time.
6. Choosing dinner goes something like this:”I fancy Chinese. I’m getting Chinese”
7. No passive aggressive “my day was worse than yours” competitions. You don’t have to hear how a significant other had to listen to Helen from the office whinge about the mental state of her succulents for half an hour.
8. You are your own boss in every way, including how to parent, live your life and spend your free time.
9. You get the duvet all to yourself.
10. The kids learn the true meaning of a strong woman. (Someone who can lift four bags of shopping up the stairs all in one trip)
11. When you see couples arguing in the street about a missing Kinder Bueno/liking another girls insta post/why didn’t you call me etc. you can smile a happy smile of relief.
12. You no longer half to check when your other half was last “online” so you can get mad at him for ignoring you, AGAIN.
13. Nights out (when they occur) are surprisingly fun and don’t end (as often) with dramatic tear-filled arguments about how your relationship is “on the rocks”.
14. There’s no better feeling than knowing you can flirt with whoever you want without feeling guilty.
15. Men/women on TV are better anyway.
16. Overall, less shaving
17. Never spending time wondering what someone else’s phone passcode is.
18. Never having to ask your single friends if your husband/boyfriend is on their Tinder.
19. Enjoying dates with various hot men, then coming home to your PJs and a hot water bottle.
20. Ultimately, growing as a person.