Woolworths Meat Markdowns – All the Secrets You Need to Know

Getting a haul of Woolies marked down meat is such a rush.  Knowing that your trolley has a hundred dollars’ worth of Woolworths meat markdown for $18 total – there’s no rush quite like it.  So here’s how to get the best haul and then spread it even further.

Guest Post Louise from olderandwiser.com.au

Woolies can’t legally sell out of date meat.

First, marked down meat is not out of date. It’s illegal for them to sell out of date meat and if you try to take it through the register, it will flag it and they won’t let you buy it.  So, nothing is out of date.  One Woolies employee told me that they’re not to sell anything that can’t be kept for up to 24 hours at home due to risk of legal action.  So, your woolies haul is technically good to go for a day after purchase if you forget to freeze it.

Got a great freezer?

If they weren’t so expensive to run, I’d have a chest freezer big enough to fit my daughter’s smirky boyfriend… Keep your freezer free of ice and running well – you’re going to need it. It’s better to shove markdown meat straight in the freezer if you’re not going to cook it straight away though as you don’t know exactly how great your local Woolworths staff are at monitoring fridge temperatures and whatnot.  Note that previously frozen stuff like deli meat, shouldn’t be re-frozen.  If you absolutely have to freeze it, you’ll need to cook it REALLY well to ensure no bacteria is thriving within.

When does Woolworths do meat markdowns?

Meat Markedowns - How To Know When To Go And Get a Bargain.

Generally, twice a day but there is no set time.  Each Woolworths runs to its own schedule.  So, the right question is when does my local Woolworths do meat markdowns?  Unlike Coles, Woolies tells you when they do it.  In the top right corner of a markdown sticker is a time stamp, if you look very closely.  Next time you’re at Woolies, take a look at when the first markdown has happened (usually only 10-15% off).  Then, when you spot something that is 50 – 70% off, check the time stamp on that one.  That will tell you exactly the time of day the two markdowns happen.

How not to annoy Woolworths markdown staff

Some of the markdown staff love customers hovering around their trolley, some hate it.  The best way to do it is to be open and honest.  I’m a single mum with four kids, what have you got for me today?  Most will openly tell you what they’ve got coming up and let you pick through the trolley before they put it back on the shelves.  Don’t hover and be awkward.

But… it’s always sausages, roo meat and burger patties on markdown!

Yes, there’s always a few items that always seem to be marked down.  I want to live near a Woolworths where it’s roast lamb legs, but nope, always burger patties.  So, do you leave a $1 tray of 6 burger patties behind?  Hard no.  Here’s some ways to use markdown meat if you KNOW your kids won’t eat it.

Markdown Sausages

There’s only so many times kids will eat bangers and mash and sausages and eggs before they’re done with sausages.

  • Remove the skins, mix with grated carrot and chopped onion, wrap in pastry and make sausage rolls.
  • Remove skins and mix with beef mince to make meatballs.
  • Do them in a curry if your kids will eat curried sausages.
  • Make sausage wraps for school lunches.
  • Go for a “beach barbecue” and serve sausages and salad.
  • Make homemade baked beans (actually a really healthy meal) with sausages.
  • If all else fails, a cheap tray of sausages can be cooked, cut into little pieces and frozen for a quick reheated afterschool dipping snack or even, as a supplement to dry pet food.

Markdown burger patties

Kids don’t want burgers again?  If you’ve got marked down burger patties you’ve got marked down mince.  Even the chicken mince can be repurposed because really, there’s not a LOT of flavour in them anyway.  Just be aware that there may be binding agents in there (at home we use flour and egg, check the ingredients to know what Woolworths factories use) but they do tend to turn back to mince well.

  • Use them as actual mince in bolognaise sauces and savory mince recipes.
  • Re-roll with grated carrot, onion, zucchini, and anything else your kids will eat and make meatballs with pasta and tomato sauce.
  • Break them up, cook them off with some light Indian flavours and stuff them into dough and make homemade Indian flatbreads.
  • Break them up and slow cook them with lentils and veggies to make a beef soup.
  • Use them as a base for homemade Ikea meatballs.
  • Spice them with Mexican spices and do chili or tacos.
When To get Woolworths Marked Down Meat

Markdown Roo Meat

Low in fat, high in iron and vitamins, sustainable and so very, very gamey.  Your kids will either LOVE roo meat or hate it and it’s not an easy sell.  My approach: Don’t tell them it’s roo.  That works the best.  If in doubt, adapt lamb recipes for roo meat as lamb flavouring tends to be heavy on the “tone it down” herbs like rosemary.  Top chefs will tell you to lightly grill and enjoy.  They’re lying.  Just ask your kids.

  • Roo Stew is the best way forward here.  It can be tough so long slow cooking with tons of extra flavours to mask the gaminess will absolutely disguise it as really tender and rich lamb.
  • Pulled BBQ Roo – Like pulled beef or pork but our national animal, coated with tons of barbecue sauce
  • Roo curries – if your kid will eat a Rogan Josh or any other tomato based curry, roo does really well in these.

Markdown Offal

So very….rich in iron and vitamins…. I know, our parents’ generation tucked into a lovely big chunk of liver with glee but if I put it in front of my kids, they’ll ask to go live with dad.  100%.  Liver, kidneys, those hinky jars of chicken hearts – ALWAYS on markdown.  Do you take home a $.32c tray of liver?  Well, that’s up to your kids if they’ll eat it but… there are two family members who will love you FOREVER if you do.  Your dog and your cat.  Those very expensive liver treats?  You know what they are?  Thinly sliced liver cooked at 100 degrees until completely dehydrated (a few hours to a few days, depending on how thinly you slice the liver).  That’s it.  Even better if you have a smoker barbecue because your house will smell like liver for the duration of the dehydration period.  You know what’s in that cat food you’re paying $1.50 a serve for?  Chicken hearts and chopped liver and kidney.  If you can stand the smell, a big old offal stew, partly blended so it’s in little bitesize disgusting chunks, frozen in portions will save you hundreds of dollars in pet food over time.  If… you can stand the smell.

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